Penang Seafood Prawn Mee / Penang Hokkien Mee

This is the second time i cook Penang Prawn Mee, both turned out to be yummy ;) i know i know it sounds big headed but i really enjoy it. I figured out everything by myself (kind of proud ;) )

Sorry in advance that i am not good in taking pictures and my ingredient measurement is
only by guessing and tasting. As i am not in Malaysia, the ingredient still available at the Asian Supermarket and even the local super market has most of the asian ingredients sold.

Before you get this started you need to have the prawn shells ready (collect the prawn shell every time you peel the prawn and keep it in the freezer) until you have may be about 100g or 200g then you are ready for it.

And my recipe is very flexible most of the ingredients are replaceable , or they call it very forgiving recipe.

Ok.. here comes the Soul Recipe's Copyright Seafood Prawn Mee... hehe...


1. Seafood
2. Frozen Prawn Shells (thaw it on normal room temperature)
3. Vermicelli noodles (Mee Hoon)

4. Yellow Noodle ( some called it Hokkien Noodle in Australia)
5. Kangkong (I use Choy Sum instead because there is no Kangkong available here)
6. Belacan / Thailand Shrimp Paste
7. Salt / Soy Sauce / Fish Sauce to taste.
8. Shallots (slice thinly and fry it with low heat until it turns golden brown)

9. Boiled Eggs
10. Brown Sugar
11. Chicken broth / Anchovies broth
12. 100g pork / chicken breast
13. Sambal

Soup base

Heat the wok, add 2 tablespoon of oil. once the oil heated up add all the prawn shells in, fry it for about 5 mins.
Transfer the prawn shells together with the juice the come out from the prawn shells to a large pot. On high heat add the chicken broth or anchovy broth into the pot and bring to boil. Add about 2 to 3 tablespoon (up to your own taste) of belacan or shrimp paste to the soup, add Salt or Soy Sauce (2 to 3 table spoon )or Fish Sauce (personally i prefer Fish Sauce), add 1 tablespoon brown sugar and one table spoon of sambal. Add the pork / chicken breast in. Let the soup boil in high heat and taste the soup see if that's the taste that you like. Once you have adjusted the taste to your own liking, turn to low heat about 5mins.

Now the next step is to prepare the noodles and vercimilli and vege.
Boil a pot of water add the vercimilli in for about 3mins, drain it and put one side, do the same for the noodles and vege.

Now the final part, prepare a small pot and put a few laddles of soup from the big prawn soup pot (only the soup, don't take the prawn shell ). Bring the soup to boil and add the seafood in and cook for about 3mins.

Put the vercimilli, noodles, vege and sliced pork / chicken breast into a bowl, pour the soup with seafood into the bowl, garnish the top with egg, sambal and fried shallots.

Voila! here you go the yummy Soul Recipe's Copyright Seafood Prawn Mee


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