Soul Muffin Cake with chocolate truffles

Today suddenly feel like trying out Muffin, but i don't have the muffin tin so i use the normal baking dish instead that is why i called it Muffin Cake.

Well.. the result come out a bit dry on the top and as usual i have no luck with baking without burning at the bottom of the baking dish as the oven that i use can be older than my mum. hehe..
the temperature mark all gone so i have to do everything by guess.

I tried with Heaven Chocolate Truffles because this chocolate that my beloved bought no one doesn't seem to be interested to eat it, as usual i just grab whatever available and add in. I also added some Chocccinno powder, the taste is muffin taste but the texture is on the dry side, muffin should be more moist, i don't know if it is because of the baking dish that i use or the ingredient.

Well.. this is the first time i bake muffin, it is consider not bad (hehe.. give myself a pad on my shoulder) but really the taste is not bad.


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