Homemade Healthy Soymilk / Soybean milk /豆浆水

Last week when Skype with my parents, dad showed off his homemade soymilk / soybean milk, it makes me suddenly have the urge to try it. Went to the asian supermarket to get some soybeans and started to google for some recipes, they are different variations of methods from different people. I decided to use my common 'common sense' again to try out. I made twice with different methods. 1st one is grind the soaked beans first before boiling and the 2nd one is boil the soaked beans first before grinding and the latter one definitely a winner to me.

First attempt - the boil after grind version

Second attempt - the boil before grind version. You will notice it turns out more yellowish than the first version.

As i mentioned earlier i didn't follow the measurements i just adjust according to my 'common sense'

Don't worry for the first timer, making soymilk is not difficult at all just need a little patience you will get there ;)

Soul Recipe Homemade Soymilk 豆浆水

What you need to make the soymilk
1. Grinder
2. Muslin clothe / cheese clothe / tea towel (which ever that comes in handy for you to strain the soymilk. The hole of normal strainer / sift is too big to stop the soy residual from getting through)
3. A sift to support the clothe during the straining process.
4. Big stock pot (if you don't have big stock pot, a normal pot can do the job too but you need to do it in batches)

Ingredients :
  • 500g Soybeans ( you don't need exactly the amount just pour the portion as you want, after soaking the beans will double in size)
  • water (refer to the method below)
  • crystal sugar for tasting
  • option : ginger about thumb size

Method :

1. Soak the soybeans with water with the ratio of 1:3 (e.g if you bean is 1 bowl then add 3 bowls of water in.) and soak for 8hrs to 10hrs. (If possible change the water in between for few times)
2. The beans will be double in size and the hull / skin of the beans will be loosen. Remove the hull by rubbing or pinching the beans slightly the beans will slip out from the hull easily.
This is how the hulls look like.

And this is how the soaked and hull removed beans look like.

3. Add the soaked beans and water into a big stock pot with ratio of 1:3 again (add in ginger as you like) and boil for about 15mins to 20mins. Skim off the foam on the stop with a spoon.
4. Once it is done, off the heat and let to cool for a bit then transfer to a grinder to grind till creamy.
5. Lay the muslin clothe on the sift and pour the blended soy milk onto the clothe. Now, wrap the clothe from all the angles and twist it and it's time for your arm muscle training time ;)... squeeze the liquid out till the last drop (you might need a fan or airconditioner next to you now..sweating?...there you go..). Don't throw away the residual, it can be used for cooking or can use as fertilizer for your plant.
6. Once collected all the soymilk from your hardwork, pour the soymilk back to a clean pot and under medium heat add in sugar according to your preferred sweetness.



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