Vegemite Chicken (Marmite Chicken alternative)

After nearly two years finally i'm back! The reason why i MIA (Missing in action) was because i had a beautiful baby girl about a year ago and she is really handful and i was very sick during my first trimester, i can't even think about food let alone cooking and posting..LOL.

I'm still very busy being mum but the other day i just had the urge to cook Marmite chicken but i only have Vegemite, i went online to search for the recipe, after having some rough ideas of what ingredients needed, i came out with my own version. most recipes that i found needed oyster sauce but i'm not a fan of oyster sauce (i never use oyster sauce in my cooking, i know to some this is the must have sauce in their pantry)

After receiving some requests for this recipe from friends, i decided to post it here.

Oh by the way, for those who have not heard of Marmite Chicken, this dish is a popular dish in most of the Chinese restaurants in Malaysia.

Before i proceed with the recipe PLEASE TAKE NOTE ! as i understand westerner and Asian have different palate, so please taste the sauce mixture and adjust according to your preference. My cookings as usual are very forgiving..hence just add whatever you think is right for you :)

Here you go my version of  

Vegemite Chicken

Ingredients : 

(a) marinate for chicken pieces

-  chicken pieces ( i bought a whole chicken and chopped it up myself)
- 3 clove of garlics (grated)
- slightly bigger than a thumb size ginger (grated) put more if you like
- 3 tbsp of ShaoXin rice wine
- 4 tbsp soy sauce
- few dashes of white pepper
- 2 tsp sugar
- a few tbsp of corn flour or tapioca flour (only mix in / coat when ready to deep fry the chicken)
mix well and marinate and put in the fridge for at least 1hr

(b) Vegemite sauce mixture

- 1 cup hot water
- 2 tbsp Vegemite ( add more as you like)
- 2 tbsp Maltose
- 4 tbsp honey
- 2 tbsp soy sauce
- 2 tsp sugar ( add more if you prefer sweeter)
- 1 tbsp caramelised dark soy sauce
- a dash or two sesame oil

Here is the photo of "some" of the ingredients. I presume you know how the rest of the ingredients look like ;p

Method :

1. Heat oil in a wok / deep fryer ( whatever you prefer to use to fry chicken )

2. Once the oil is bubbling hot, coat the marinated chicken and put into the oil and deep fry under medium heat, keep turning the chicken as the chicken will burn easily, keep frying till the meat cooked through. Remember not to put too many pieces at once so that the chicken will cook more evenly (That's how it should look like the photo below)

3. Drain the fried chicken pieces and set aside and now to prepare the sauce.
4. Take about 2 tbsp of the oil from the oil that used for fried chicken and heat up, add ingredient (b)
and under medium high heat until it bubbled up like in the photo below.

5. Have a taste of the sauce and adjust the taste according to your preference by adding honey / sugar or soy sauce or Vegemite. ( Take note : make sure it is not too salty as after the chickens pieces are added the sauce will become saltier ) and let it boil for about 3min under low to medium heat.

6. Once the sauce has thickened like the runny version of caramel then add the fried chicken pieces and keep coating the chicken with the sauce till the sauce become thick and sticky like caramel consistency.
7. Voila! your Vegemite Chicken is ready! dish up and serve with white rice. Bon appetite !


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