Banana Cake / Bread

Tried out another Banana Cake Recipe but i still prefer the previous recipe that i used because the other recipe is more moist, this one is very dry, i kinda struggle to finish it ( i love banana cake that is why you will notice i have many recipes are made of bananas.) Don’t think i will use this recipe again. (But some people like this type of dry texture for banana cake) i reckon this tastes more like bread than cake :(



Maggie said…
Looks yummy, Juey. :)

Perhaps can top it up with banana ice cream next time, just to counterbalance the dryness of the cake? :)

Love you and your recipes ... keep them coming! n_n
Soul Recipe said…
Thank babe and love you too.What i did was topped the cake with banana slices and with a few dash of cinnamon & coco powder. The problem is the dryness is not from the outer layer it is the whole cake texture itself. Well.. it doesn't matter, there are plenty of other recipes for me to try out (just "loaded" some bananas from the market yesterday hehe....)more banana posting to come.... stay tune.... ;)

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