Green Bean Soup with Sago

Soulful Green Bean Soup with Sago


Green beans.
Water (depending on how much you want to make, watery or creamy).
Pandan leaves crushed and tie into a knot.
Rock Sugar / Palm Sugar
Sago / Tapioca seed - small
Coconut milk. (extract from the grated coconut or canned coconut milk)


1. Soak Sago in cold water and leave aside.
2. Bring a pot of water with green beans and Pandan leave to boil, reduce heat once the water starting to boil.
3. When beans are well cooked / softened, add in sugar.
4. After the sugar is dissolved, stir in sago and stir constantly until it looks transparent (stir constantly to prevent it to become lumpy).
5. Add in coconut milk and turn off heat immediately.
6. Serve hot.


Anonymous said…
Hey I like your recipe, but it would be helpful for me if you could list down the quantity of ingredients used as I am quite a beginner In cooking. Thanks loads and keep up the soulful cooking!!!:)

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